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Jason Quigley talks in-depth about Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury II

| 21.02.2020

Is this the biggest heavyweight title fight in years?

I think this fight is going to be one of the biggest fights in recent times in the heavyweight division.

The heavyweight division has been going through a slow phase these last few years. I think the likes of Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury fighting each other is going to bring the excitement back into things again.

We have had the likes of AJ and Klitschko which was a massive fight, but I think this fight has all of the media’s attention, the boxing fans’ attention and the normal day to day fans’ attention. People who aren’t even into boxing seem to be talking about this fight!

In my opinion, this fight is up there with being one of the biggest heavyweight fights. I can’t say it will be as big or good as the ‘Thrilla in Manila’, with Muhammad Ali, but it is definitely high up there.

Andy Lee’s benefit to Tyson Fury

Andy, a former Middleweight World Champion, is a very astute and relaxed guy with a superb boxing brain. I feel he is going to bring in that sense of concentration to Fury’s camp.

Going on the past, Fury can be a little wild and spontaneous which can be good and bad in its own way. Leading into a fight like this, I think Andy is going to introduce that calm and relaxed state of mind to Fury.

Andy would be working on everything with Fury. Nailing his jab and working on setting down on his shots a lot more. Tyson Fury is the type of boxer that likes to dance around the ring and make his opponent miss, sometimes more than he hits the opponent himself.

Andy and his other coach SugarHill will be getting Fury to set down more on the shots and hurt Wilder instead of just hitting him.

You can see a different game plan to what a lot of people are expecting this time around and that is going to be from the influence of Andy Lee and SugarHill. They were both schooled by the legendary trainer Emmanuel Stewart of Kronk Gym in Detroit, who have produced over 40 World Champions.

Tyson Fury’s weight gain

This is speculation and something that nobody knows until the day of the weigh in. If Fury does have some weight on, it won’t have come from him eating bad or being out of shape.

Fury went to Vegas before Christmas in order to get acclimatised for this fight which is only happening this weekend. So, looking at Fury being that dedicated and focused in camp, if he does come in heavier than he usually does, it will all be for a game plan.

I have been talking to Andy whilst he has been in camp with Fury and he has said Tyson has never been more focused and strict on himself. He is eating the right foods, training hard, sleeping right and drinking enough water to stay hydrated. Whatever the reason maybe, if Fury does come in overweight, it will be for a tactical reason and I cannot see it having a negative effect on Fury whatsoever. 

Tyson Fury reach advantage

This will all depend on the game plan. Everyone is looking at two different options, saying Tyson is going to win on points and if Wilder wins, it will be by knockout.

We have seen in the past that Wilder has hurt Fury and put him down, but Fury has gotten back up. I think what made the last fight so special was Fury’s miraculous recovery from the canvas after he was put down.

Fury could use his jab and his distance to his advantage, but I can see a different game plan from Fury this time. I think he is going to be more of a dominant force because he will be the heavier and bigger opponent. I feel he could use this to his advantage and push Wilder back.

If he can do this it will mess with Wilder’s mind as I am sure Wilder is thinking Fury is going to get in and try to give it to him because of the way Fury can box with his skillset.

It is going to be interesting to see if Fury does go down that route and set down his shots; it will throw Deontay Wilder off his game altogether.

Jason’s fight prediction

I think Tyson Fury has the upper hand heading into this fight. If Tyson hadn’t of been knocked down in the first fight, he would have won.

Tyson is a very smart fighter and very focused. He learns a lot and knows how to suss out an opponent within a few rounds. After sharing 12 rounds with Deontay Wilder, looking back on videos and having a full training camp to work on his technique, I don’t think he will put himself in the position to be caught by those big right hands this time around.

If there is a knockout, I am going to say this will come from Deontay Wilder in the 7th round. However, if it goes the distance, I am going for Tyson Fury to win by a unanimous decision.

If all my cards were on the table, I think Tyson Fury is going to go win and become Heavyweight World Champion by unanimous points decision in what should be a really special night for boxing in Las Vegas.

Most exciting undercard fight

This is a fight that is so massive that people haven’t paid much attention to who is on the undercard. With a world title fight on the line, usually there are exciting fights on the undercard also.

Charles Martin is fighting Gerald Washington on the co-main event, both of whom are two heavyweight fighters also. Charles Martin has been world champion before until he lost his title to Anthony Joshua. I think this fight is going to be interesting as the winner of this fight could possibly fight the winner of the main event.

Isaac Lowe is a featherweight who is in the camp of Tyson Fury. I find him to be another young interesting fighter who has 19 fights, zero losses and three draws under his belt. He’s fighting Alberto Guevara who is another good fighter. I see this being another good fight that will be exciting and somebody that’s over our side of the water.




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