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Jason Quigley talks up a potential boxing bout in Eddie Hearn’s garden

| 09.06.2020

Training has been different I must admit, it has been a lot lonelier. I’m going to the gym every day on my own and it’s just a completely different environment.

Obviously not having your coach there advising and instructing me on what I should be working on is difficult but if I’m honest I am enjoying it. It’s the first time in a long, long time that I have had this much time at home with no plans. It has been a nice refreshing break.

We are all in the same position as well. Nobody has had the chance to advance and gain progress in their career. Motivation isn’t a problem for me.


I am determined to go on and be successful, so I want to get up in the morning and get down to the gym. Although with no buzz or atmosphere around you, it’s very old school… kind of like a Rocky 4 environment.

What I am doing now is very similar to a training camp. It is so structured, with the same daily routine and not a lot else to do. The best part about it all is that I am at home doing this. To have all my family around me has been the most positive part of it all.

Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn came out of the blue with this idea of staging fights in his backyard on social media and everyone has bought into it.

They are now planning on running the main fights that were missed due to lockdown over four or five different weekends continuously.

One of the biggest cards postponed was with Dillian Whyte, Katie Taylor, and myself on May 2nd. That is now one of the cards being talked about for August 15th in Eddie’s backyard.

We still don’t have the green light, but it is a high possibility and it looks like it will be my next fight.

It will be something completely different but it’s kind of cool. In years to come when everyone talks about the pandemic, I’ll be there saying “Jesus after all that I ended up boxing in Eddie Hearn’s back garden”.

Facing Jack Cullen

My opponent is Jack Cullen. I’ve seen one or two of his fights before but now that our names have collided, I’ve been looking out for him.

Jack is about 6’4”, and a big, rangy, middleweight. He brings a good record to the table and is a good fighter. He likes to get into the wars and he has been in some really exciting fights. He’s a good operator and I am looking forward to this fight.

At the end of the day I won’t be concentrating too much on Jack. I’ll be focusing on myself and making sure I can get into the best mental and physical position that I can.

I think the novelty of it is making it a big deal and it will probably have more eyes on it than the original date would have had.

Real, raw fighting

The atmosphere will be very strange with no crowd and out in the open air but at the end of the day it’s all going to come down to business; two men fighting it out in the ring and the best man will win on the night regardless of a crowd or not.

For me, I think this is where the hardened fighters will turn up. There’ll be no showboating and living up to the crowd, it’s just going to be real, raw, hardcore fighting and that is something I think I will thrive on for sure.

The future

After that, there is a plan in place. We are playing things by ear at the minute but I want to get this fight in August, get a good victory and then push on and possibly get a world title eliminator fight at the end of the year/early next year on a big card.

Next year I’ll be looking to capture the world title.




Jason Quigley

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