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Kevin Doyle on Man United; Nuno to replace Solskjaer?

| 06.11.2020

Throughout the season, we’re discussing the beautiful game with those who have played the beautiful game.

We’ve already grabbed Kevin’s thoughts on Wolves’ season so far, and how they’ll do versus Leicester this weekend. Here, our football ambassador discusses Manchester United’s struggles and what it could mean for those at Molineux..

On Man United’s problems and Pochettino speculation

I don’t know what’s going on at United at the moment. It’s a bit of everything really: the manager, the players, the board, the recruitment. They’ve spent plenty of money.

You can’t argue with that; you could never say Man United haven’t spent the money. They’ve signed plenty of players over the past few years.

Have they signed the right ones? I don’t know. Whoever has made those decisions on players hasn’t been successful. They’ve chopped and changed managers, and it looks like they will again now – and I think they probably should.

I wouldn’t argue about the financial side of things though. They have been backed. Every manager has had a lot of money to spend at that club. Jose Mourinho might have moaned about not getting a centre-half but he still spent a lot of money.

Mourinho moaned about everything. He was a disaster – spent a load of money like he does everywhere he goes and all he did was moan up in Manchester in a hotel room for a couple of years. As an outsider, it looked like he was backed. He always wanted to spend money, he always wanted to sign players

He should’ve been able to do a lot better with the squad he had. They were just so depressing to watch. At least at the moment they can score some goals from time to time and they can be quite good to watch. They were terrible to watch under Mourinho.

I don’t think Ole will be there a whole lot longer though. They should get Pochettino; I think he’d make a big difference with the players.

I don’t think he’d need to sign a lot of players to make a big difference there, either. He would definitely improve what they already have.

He just gets more from players and that’s exactly what Man United need. It’s a simple decision for them to get him as well. He’s not in a contract, it really is an open goal for United if they wanted it.

He’s had a year out now which means he’s fresh. He’s cleared his mind of what went on at Spurs so I think it’s a perfect time for him.

On Nuno Espirito Santo replacing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

I think I’d be a bit worried if I was a Wolves fan at the moment about Nuno. He’s a contender for the Manchester United job, of course he is. Why wouldn’t he be?

Mauricio Pochettino is probably their number one choice but Nuno, definitely, would be up there as well for me. His link with Mendes and their ability to sign players, he would be a contender. I’m a Man United fan and I’d have no problem with him being the manager.

He’d definitely be inspirational. You watch him on the side of the pitch and he’s the total opposite to Solskjaer.

I don’t think he’s going to go anywhere just yet, and I think Pochettino is probably the more suitable option – he’s had more success and has more experience in the Premier League at a top club so he’s rightly the favourite.

Wolves fans are probably safe for now but there’s no reason at all that I can see why he wouldn’t be considered for the Man United job.

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Kevin Doyle

After a top-line career banging in the goals for Reading, Wolves and Colorado Rapids, former Republic of Ireland international Kevin Doyle now brings Ladbrokes his thoughts and opinions on the beautiful game.