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How have sports stars and fans been recreating sport at home?

| 01.06.2020

More and more sports are returning to our screens now, with fans around the world eager to re-start where they left off.

But that’s not to say sport’s adoring supporters have been twiddling their thumbs over the last couple of months, oh no.

If anything, fanatical fans and sportspeople have used their extra time to get creative, coming up with numerous ingenious ways to recreate sport at home! Here are a few of the best…

Home Workouts

This was meant to be an Olympic year, and many athletes have made the best of their home situation to maintain their training routines.

Gymnasts, cyclists, boxers and more have created pop-up training bases in their homes, with Polish hurdler Patryk Dobek practicing with hurdles in an underground car park! Other inventive moves have included dry swimming on beer crates, lifting your sofa with your legs and a whole heap more.

Goals Recreated

One of our favourites of the non-sporting phase has been fans recreating iconic goals from their back garden.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok has been awash with fans across the globe reperforming legendary moments in remarkable detail.

Toilet Roll keepie-uppies

Granted, this is isn’t technically recreating sport, but we say it’s close enough. The planet went loo-roll wild for a spell earlier this year, when everyone took part in the toilet roll keepie-uppie challenge.

Naturally, some were better than others, with Lionel Messi and Thierry Henry proving particularly adept!

Video Games

If you can’t go out and play your sport, especially team sports, then playing the video game version can be the next best thing!

A number of sports stars have been keeping themselves fresh and occupied by playing their video game equivalent.

Many footballers have been busy playing as themselves on FIFA, with numerous racing drivers  including Formula One duo Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc, have been keeping busy by taking part in Esports races.

Have you been able to recreate sport at home? Let us know @Ladbrokes!



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