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Our plan to safely welcome customers back to betting shops

| 12.06.2020

Ladbrokes today outlined its comprehensive plan for the safe re-opening of most of its betting shops from Monday 15th June.

All Ladbrokes betting shops in England and the Republic of Ireland will open on Monday 15th June, followed by the remainder of the Ladbrokes shop estate, as the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland ease their own lockdowns.

The guiding principle behind the plan is to ensure the health and wellbeing of all colleagues and customers. The plan details the social distancing and safety procedures put in place alongside the provision of new protective equipment installed in store and provided to the shop personnel.

The new measures have been designed to meet or exceed guidelines laid down by the UK government and World Health Organisation.

The key elements are summarised below, with each element supported by detailed guidance and the provision of additional equipment and training where required:

  1. Pre shop-opening checks

  • – Property maintenance checks.
  • – Facilities, screens, bet stations, gaming machines and till systems cleaned.
  • – Review of security hardware in shops.
  1. Tools to support social distancing

  • – Installation of additional equipment including ‘sneeze screens’, protective barriers between gaming machines and bet stations to act as a physical barrier between colleagues and customers to ensure social distancing.
  • – Installation of customer signage and floor markings to provide direction on social distancing whilst in shop.
  • – Compulsory social distancing training module for all colleagues.
  1. Health and safety provisions

  • – Supply of stylus pens for customers using bet stations and gaming machines, to avoid customers physically touching screens.
  • – Provision of additional hand sanitiser stations, hand wash and cleaning products to promote and maintain good hygiene standards.
  • – Provision of colleague comfort measures such as face masks, protective shields and disposable gloves.
  • Introduction of enhanced colleague cleaning routines in both the customer and colleague areas.
  1. Shop operation guidance

  • – Clear guidance on maximum customer occupancy levels, based on size and layout of each shop, to support social distancing.
  • – Guidance on customer entry/exit management procedures.
  • – Guidance on bet placement and payment processes, with use of contactless payment encouraged.
  1. Colleague wellbeing

  • – Installation of dividing partitions between till positions to act as a physical barrier between colleagues and ensure social distancing.
  • – Restrictions on transfer of personnel between multiple shops to reduce exposure.
  • – Provision of a third-party app “Unmind” to promote mental wellbeing.
  • – Supply of video and printed training materials.
  • – Employee Assistance Programme made available to all colleagues and their families.
  • – Open and honest communication channels with all colleagues.
  1. Safer gambling

  • – Increased monitoring of customer behaviour and wellbeing, to identify potentially vulnerable customers and ensure they are playing within their financial means.
  • – Guidance on interactions with vulnerable customers whilst social distancing
  • – Review of self-exclusion lists.