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Nina Carberry savours another perfect 10 on Dancing With The Stars

| 24.02.2022

Nina Carberry, cut from 15/8 to evens favourite to win Dancing With The Stars, says last weekend’s Viennese waltz was a dream come true and reveals her biggest competition in her latest blog.

I still haven’t come down from the buzz of getting the perfect score last weekend and I am just thrilled that it worked out. It was a hard, technical dance to get right and I didn’t know if I’d get it. Things just clicked I suppose going into the weekend. I was the most relaxed I’ve been going into a dance. It was the dance I enjoyed the most and that probably came through a lot as well. I couldn’t believe it when the three judges were standing up. It’s a dream come true. I never even thought I’d get a 10, never mind three!

I’m not sure if I can maintain that relaxed approach though. It is hard! This week’s performance is another high tempo dance – the Charleston. It’s upbeat and things are happening faster again. Hopefully, things will start coming together again, but it will probably be hard for me to find a dance that suited me as well as it did last weekend.

It’s just going to be hard to impress the judges every week. It’s not possible to get tens every single week because, you know yourself, there are dances that will suit you and dances that won’t. I’ll give it as much as I can every week and see what we get. If I were to take inspiration from former contestants, I would look to Lottie Ryan. I thought she was amazing. She improved so much over the competition and it was a joy to watch.

The competition has really hotted up since last weekend. The scores are so high and the standard of dances is unbelievable. Just look at the scores Erica is getting, you have Ellen and Jordan in there as well. Every week you have to perform and obviously one slip you know you’re down the pecking order again.

As the weeks go on, it’s getting more intense and everyone is upping their game the whole time. It is mentally exhausting and non-stop really. When I signed up to the show, I didn’t think I’d have to put as much into it but I’m glad I did. It’s getting rewarded every Sunday that makes it and obviously getting three 10s made it all worthwhile. I try to have a bit of fun as well along the way and the Charleston is really good in bringing out the fun elements again. Hopefully I stay in this weekend.

Brian Redmond can be a bit harsh sometimes, but listen, he has to do his job. He’s a judge! If you get praised by him, you appreciate it more. He’s not just picking a score out of the sky, he actually tells you why and where you went wrong. So, you have to be criticised. It’s like being the jockey. You get criticised every single day. I don’t envy his job. I wouldn’t like to do it myself, because you are breaking people’s hearts. Someone has to be the bad guy.

The racing industry have been absolutely fabulous supporters especially Noel Meade and Derval who have shown unbelievable support. Their TikTok’s have been brilliant every week. They’re all getting out and everyone is getting behind me and I am absolutely thrilled. I’m just glad that I’m able to try and do them proud because I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to dance, so I’m delighted that I’ve got a few nice scores and that I’ve gotten this far in the competition.

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