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Nina Carberry shocked to win with rumba on Dancing With The Stars

| 27.01.2022

Nina Carberry is the 6/4 favourite to win Dancing with the Stars after scoring the highest number of points with a rumba at the weekend

I was completely blown away by the scores and comments I received last weekend. I honestly didn’t expect that at all. I was missing Pasquale for some of the training last week which wasn’t ideal so I didn’t know where I stood. It just all came together during the last rehearsal which is typical.

I don’t think I will win the competition though. It took me so long to learn each of the first two dances and now there is only a week between each dance. I don’t have the six-week build-up anymore. I definitely won’t be as good as I was and I’m not expecting high marks.

I am learning from scratch so I need the time, so I think it will get really tough for me. I have the horses to look after at home, so I can only practise in the evening and can’t put in the time that I would like to. There are a few dances that will suit me, and then a few that might not.

I couldn’t get over my transformation, they made me into a different person altogether. It was mad thinking I even looked like that. Just looking at myself, I was like ‘this isn’t me’. The glam team do an amazing job backstage with costume/make-up/hair. It’s class to be a part of the whole thing and it’s an experience in itself.

I was surprised and sad to see Cathy Kelly go. She just put so much effort into the dancing. She was a great character on the show as well, so we will miss her. The elimination is an awful feeling, especially when you are just standing there thinking who is going to be next. It is so nervewracking, but it is part of the show.

It is movie week now and we get given a character in a film. We have to portray that character in the dance and I think they have chosen a good one for me. I guess there is now an added element to this weekend, because not only do I have to dance but I have to act as well. I am really looking forward to it though.

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