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NBA betting at Ladbrokes

Basketball is a fast-moving, thrill-a-minute sport in which the lead can change hands many times throughout the course of a game and the best league in the world is undoubtedly the NBA in the United States.

The league is split into two 15-team conferences - Eastern and Western - which are themselves separated into three divisions of six; Atlantic, Central and Southeast make up the Eastern, and the Western comprises the Northwest, Pacific and Southwest.

The regular season normally runs from October to April during which 30 teams play 82 matches before the play-offs involving the top 16 teams get under way.

The top six in the two Conferences qualify for the knockout stage and there is also a play-in tournament for those occupying the spots between seventh and 10th in the East and West to determine the remaining four places.

In the play-offs, teams compete in a best-of-seven series until there are just two remaining to contest the NBA Championship finals.

With teams often playing back-to-back matches the action never stops in a packed season and as you would expect Ladbrokes are courtside every step of the way with the latest odds in the NBA betting.

Before the first tip-off of the season, we not only have NBA odds on the outright champion, but also the Conference and Divisional winners.

As well as NBA Championship odds, there is always interest in the best player over the course of the season and so we also offer NBA MVP odds for the most valuable player.

When it comes to NBA betting, Ladbrokes have almost 200 markets per game, so let’s talk you through some of the options for this great sport.

NBA odds

NBA betting has plenty of markets, but the main two are the Money Line and Handicaps, the latter also being known as the Points Spread.

The former is effectively the match result and because there are no draws in basketball, with matches settled in overtime if the game is equal after four quarters, only two options are available, although we do include the three possibilities in our Match Betting market.

With handicap betting, the underdogs are given a head start and the favourites have to overcome a number of points for you to win.

You will notice that these are not round numbers, but instead utilise half points to avoid the prospect of a draw eg -3.5, -6.5, + 2.5 etc…

Winning margins, total points, first-half money line and spreads are some of the NBA odds available with Ladbrokes, but what do they all mean? Here we talk you through some of the jargon.

How does NBA betting work?

As well as the usual NBA title odds, you can bet on things like the winning margin in which you choose from a range of five-points bands. For example, the Hornets may be 5/1 to beat the Knicks by between 11-15 points or 17/2 for 16-20.

In the Total Points market, whether a team wins or loses is irrelevant as you are predicting the number of points at the end of regular time in bands of 10, so if you picked the 221-30 option at NBA odds of 4/1 in a game which saw the Boston Celtics beat the Utah Jazz 115-112 then you would have a winning bet.

In terms of NBA betting, the first-half money line is simply which team will be ahead after 24 minutes, but you can also bet on the outcome from the first quarter.

Looking at the stats to see which teams make fast or slow stars may pay dividends when considering the first half or first quarter money lines, as well as the market involving the race to a certain number of points.

Does the longshot tend to start quickly but fade as the game progresses? Consider backing them in the race to 10, 20 or 30 points, for example, in which the range is between 5-50.

Many people go for the points spread when it comes to NBA betting, deciding whether a team can overcome the handicap at the point where they are evenly matched or opt for the underdogs to defend that number.

For example, the Lakers might be 7/2 to beat the 76ers on the money line (match result), but both teams may be 10/11 with Los Angeles given a +9.5 start on the spread.

It is also possible to back teams to score under or over a set number of points in which case looking at the head to head and recent games, coupled with team news regarding key players, will help you make a decision.

Whether your bag is NBA Championship odds, NBA play-off odds, NBA draft odds or games in the regular season, Ladbrokes is there for every basket, free throw and three-pointer, and what’s more we have live streams of all the matches, so you can see for yourself how the game is unfolding.

All you need is an account, so log on, click on ‘Watch’ and enjoy the action!

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