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Horse Racing Betting Calculators For Cumulative Punters

| 10.04.2011

Although of little benefit to punters who regularly place single bets, those who tend to be more creative with their betting choices could find great use for horse racing betting.

It is fairly straightforward to work out probable winnings for a horse that is, for example, 8/1 in the horse racing betting.

A £10 stake on an 8/1 winner would mean that a punter gets back £90 (£10×8 in profit + their initial £10 stake back).

However, punters opting to attempt to enhance their winnings through a selection of cumulative horse racing bets may have a far trickier time working out their winnings.

Patents, Yankees and Heinz’ are all examples of cumulative bets that may be placed and given the number of permutations that could occur, it could prove challenging to work out exact winnings, even if a horse’s starting price is known.

Some 57 different bets make up a Heinz, with punters selecting six different horses.

These bets consist of 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, six fivefolds and an accumulator of all six selections.

Therefore, if four of these selections were to win, ten of these 57 different bets would earn a payout (five doubles, four trebles and one fourfold).

It would be a very long-winded procedure for a punter to work out the winnings of these ten bets separately and then add them all together to give the total payout.

However, simply by using a horse racing better calculator, this payout amount is available in seconds.

For the above mentioned bet, if the total stake was £57 (57 bets at £1 each) and the four winning prices were 4/9, 11/10, 7/4 and 5/2, the calculator would immediately show that the return would be £117.08.

Thus, horse racing betting calculators are largely useful devices, especially for punters who are fans of cumulative betting.

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Craig Kemp

Craig has written for Ladbrokes since the 2010 World Cup, having previously gained a Media & Sports Journalism degree and contributed to publications including the Racing Post. His main areas of interest are horse racing and UFC, but he is also an avid X Factor gambler and likes nothing more than indulging in a spot of Hip Hop Karaoke.