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The best and worst Harlem Shake videos from the world of sport

| 11.03.2013

What started off as five Australian teenagers dancing around like idiots in a bedroom has turned into the social media phenomenon that is the Harlem Shake – and plenty of sportsmen have also got involved in the craze.

Different versions of the Harlem Shake have been viewed almost one billion times online since the original went live last month and new ones are being uploaded on an hourly basis on YouTube by people around the world.

The viral video has an annoying tune that’ll stick in your head for hours, lasts around half a minute so is easy to watch and can either be cringe worthy or class depending on how it is shot and edited.

One simple video has triggered thousands of different Harlem Shakes.

Some are better than others, especially in the world of sport, and here are our best and worst Harlem Shakes.

First up are four Harlem Shakes that we feel are the pick of the bunch.

The Miami Heat (extended version) 

Chris “Birdman” Andersen kicks off some locker-room shenanigans before the likes of LeBron James wearing a crown and cape get involved. Enjoy!

University Of Georgia Men’s Swim & Dive Team

If you find dancing on dry land hard enough…imagine trying to do it under water. These guys show incredible athleticism to pull this off in a swimming pool.

Manchester City 

City were the first Premier League team to do the Harlem Shake and it features appearances from Joe Hart (Spiderman), Joleon Lescott (Ironman) and a poker-faced Aleksandar Kolarov.

The Wigan Warriors

The great thing about the Harlem Shake is that you notice something different every time you watch them. This from the Wigan lads is genius, like a Where’s Wally of Super League stars.

The worst sporting Harlem Shakes…

We’ve brought you the best, now it’s time for the worst – and you’ll probably watch these with gritted teeth.

A Question Of Sport

The look on Sue Barker’s face at this start of this video says it all – and the less said about Austin Healey’s ‘dancing’ the better. Shocking.

Usain Bolt And Friends

The fastest man on the planet has got it all – fame, fortune and more gold than Mr T. Bolt’s dance moves, though, look a bit dodgy, as he throws some shapes here in what looks to be a random car park.

What’s your favourite sporting Harlem Shake?



Mark Bowering