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The 2012/13 EPL: RSVP’s great goalshot, bye bye Mario Buyatelly

| 24.05.2013

With the blowing of the tie completion whistles on Sunday came the end of another awesome English EPL League soccer season.

A feast of goalshots, depossession slides and some real sweet kick passes that soccer fans from around the world have ate right up.

Before everyone settles down to their soccer vacations, it’s time for my own views on the EPL soccer.

Best newcomer

When Swansea Seaswans Franchise Club payed 2 million English dollars to bring in Niceto Michu from EPL Spain, not many soccer fans took much notice.

Michu has kicked in goalshots all over the EPL, making the Seaswans do soccering justice to the graceful aquatic birds they are named after.


When Man Unity welcomed Aston Vanilla to the Old Trafford Center, the hometown franchise knew that 3 EPL victory points would seal their EPL world championship.

Already one goalshot up, Dwayne Rooney kicked a wedge pass over the heads of the Vanilla deefense, RSVP unleashed an unstoppable no bounce kick which could not be stopped.


Whereas the Franchise Association awarded their main award to Garth Bale, for me (and many others), there is only one guy that truly deserves this award.

Bale’s Whitespurs franchisemate Clint Dempsey has carried his franchise at times this year, and his selfless soccer has allowed Bale to go grab all the headlines.

MVP Junior

After a long time not doing soccer from injurifcation, London Arsenal’s Jack Wheelchair has shown this season that he is gonna be a real awesome soccer player.

Soccerfans of England Soccer Club can also look forward to seeing him kicking his accurate passkicks accurately when he is wearing his country’s famous red uniform.

EPL Flop

In a year when the City Skyblues lost their EPL world title, Coach Mankini got real mad at Italian soccer player Mario Buyatelly.

After not kicking enough goalshots for the Full Mooners, Buyatelly was sent back to Italy’s Serious A EPL League.


Coach Sir Alexi Ferguson decided to quit coaching soccer at the end of the season after regainifying the EPL world championship.

Real old now, he can look at all of his nice shiny cups now and realize that he has been great at coaching soccer.

With the Euro Soccer Cup Final nearly here, attention turns to the Franchise Enhancement Window. Decisions that get decided in the next three months will decide who gets decided as the winners of these awards next year.



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