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Kamara: Welbeck is now England’s main man, not Rooney

| 10.10.2014

Welbeck, not Rooney is the main man for Three Lions

Danny Welbeck’s last England performance was brilliant, Daniel Sturridge wasn’t missed and he is going to be the Three Lions’ main man this week.

Wayne Rooney will do what he needs to do as the second striker, whether he’ll return to being an out-and-out striker remains to be seen.

A deeper role may well suit Wayne and hopefully as captain he’ll perform to the level expected. He is still a top, top player after all and his scoring record for both Manchester United and England is very impressive.

Will Rooney equal or match Sir Bobby Charlton’s England scoring record in the next few games?

Probably not!

Big scores just don’t happen that often anymore. You still get the odd results but 8-0 wins aren’t the norm anymore.

I expect England to win 4-0 against San Marino with a couple of goals in each half.

Whatever the result is though, it’s three points towards qualification that matters and I think the fans will find 4-0 an acceptable margin of victory.

Euro 2016 qualifiers are all about preparing well for the real thing

For England and Roy Hodgson this week’s games are all about starting to prepare for Euro 2016 as we should easily qualify.

It’s all about developing a style and an identity and getting our own house in order before we play bigger and better teams. As fans all we want to see is progress.

With the games that we’ve got coming up we should be looking to win in style, even if takes the team a while to work out how best to line-up against San Marino and Estonia.

The style of play will determine how well we’ve performed. You’d have to say that getting the right results is a formality.

McKinlay shenanigans show young British managers no longer given a chance to shine

It’s ridiculously strange what’s going on at Watford. For Billy McKinlay to notch a win and a draw and then get the axe is just bizarre.

Who’s running these clubs? When you’re in the top six and on your fourth manager of the year you have to ask questions.

But it’s a great football taking point and if they get promoted they’ll look back, have a giggle and say it was all worthwhile.

You do feel for Billy though. He starts as a number two, gets given a chance as manager, secures a win and a draw from his first two games and then this happens.

He could well have taken them to the Premier League and gone on to bigger and better things and now he has to start again.

It’s a worrying trend for young British managers that foreign owners obviously want to bring in people that they know and trust to run their teams.

The days of English owners bringing in former players who’ve done their badges to take the manger role are unfortunately almost over.

That’s the crazy world of football for you though. This type of thing doesn’t happen in any other business!

No good will come from Roy Keane’s latest revelations

I think it’s a case of ‘each to their own’ when it comes to the latest revelations we’ve seen from Roy Keane’s new autobiography.

The only thing you do know is that if you’re the chairman of a football club he’s been involved in or perhaps one of his ex-teammates you’re left thinking: “why”?

Does everyone really need to hear this stuff? When I was writing my own book I certainly learnt a few lessons.

There were childhood stories and issues from my past that would make you cringe now and my wife and kids said to me: “who’s going to benefit from you writing that?’

There was simply nothing good that could come from it and that’s the case with Roy’s statements too.

Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United fans certainly aren’t feeling good about themselves as a result of what’s been written.

It’s Roy’s choice to say what he wants but does it do you any good in the long-run? I’m not sure.

But all of this isn’t unusual. People aren’t thinking “Crikey! Where’s this come from?’”

We all know what Roy is like and none of what’s been said is too much of a surprise given what we know about his character.

Perhaps his book would have turned out differently if he’d been allowed to leave Old Trafford on his own terms? We’ll never know now.

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