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Why “Hard Working Families” might miss out in the Autumn Statement

| 02.12.2014

“Hard Working Families”, a political favourite for many years, has been the most popular choice so far in our Autumn Statement Buzzword Bingo betting. Just find a word or phrase that the Chancellor will mention during Wednesday’s speech:


“Stonehenge” has also been well backed, having opened up at Evens. That’s in anticipation of Osborne going into the specifics of some road improvements. The Spectator have a nice piece on which marginal constituencies might benefit from that policy.

Having run this market for quite a few big speeches over the years, I have noticed that the Prime Minister and the Chancellor seem to prefer “Hard Working People” these days, as opposed to “families”, so we’re sticking with 3/1 in the hope that Osborne goes with the more inclusive option. It’s still unlikely that “Lazy Single People” will get any attention; you can have 100/1 that this much maligned group get a mention.

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Meanwhile, Blue is the odds-on favourite for the Chancellor’s tie colour. He has a Purple tie that he likes a lot, so I won’t be surprised if he goes with that either. You won’t get that sort of searing insight on many other political blogs.




Matthew Shaddick

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