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Top Kipper Tipper predicts six seat wins for UKIP

| 04.03.2015

Matthew Goodwin, co-author of Revolt on The Right, gave an overview of UKIP’s prospects at a Ladbrokes hosted event today. His headline tip was for UKIP to win six seats, which is a 10/1 shot with Ladbrokes at the moment.


He was extremely bullish about Nigel Farage’s chances in Thanet South, speculating that the Tories and Labour might be quite close to winding down any real attempts to stop a UKIP victory here.

We also heard a fascinating analysis of the Green surge from James Dennison who was very confident that Caroline Lucas would hold on in Brighton Pavilion. He predicted that Bristol West would be the focus of most other resources from the national party and, consequently, a gain in Norwich South was extremely unlikely.

You can see a short summary from Matthew, James and myself here:




Matthew Shaddick

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