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#Election2016: This 80/1 shot can’t be ruled out for next POTUS

| 26.03.2016

Just when you think the fight to become Republican standard bearer in the upcoming US Presidential Election can’t get any tawdrier, you realise this is Donald Trump we’re talking about.

This week, the dreadful New Yorker reacted to an anti-Trump ad unaffiliated to GOP rival Ted Cruz with this choice tweet:

The beans, as it turned out, were that Heidi Cruz used to work for a number of companies and organisations, including the Council on Foreign Relations and Goldman Sachs. Nasty tweet, rubbish beans.

It’s getting worse for poor Cruz though, with bastion of journalistic integrity The National Enquirer splashing with this:

With only no-hoper John Kasich left in the race outside of Trump and Cruz, and considering the spread of delegates won so far in the Republican Primary, there’s more than a fighting chance that no candidate will acquire the 1,237 needed to snatch the nomination on the first ballot at the GOP convention in July.

Trump will argue otherwise, but if that proves to be the case then it’s anybody’s game.

Abraham Lincoln won the GOP nomination at a contested convention in 1860, back when the newly-founded party were trying to end slavery in America.

Warren G. Harding also managed as much 96 years ago. Both went on to take the presidency, so there’s plenty of precedent here.

The delegates might not even be bound to vote for one of the 17 candidates who declared at the beginning of primary season, with the very American possibility of a write-in candidate likely to rear its head should the convention prove deadlocked, although this would require a rule change.

Again, with the Republican Party on fire this is far from impossible. It may take a chain of events to rival the most far-fetched episode of ‘The West Wing’ (where all this pretty much happened as well), but…this is Donald Trump we’re talking about, and frankly he needs to be stopped.

If there is to be a ‘white knight’ required to ride to the Republican’s rescue, untainted by this shameful race, then Speaker of the House of Representatives and former vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan will be keeping a sharp ear out for the call.

The 46-year-old Wisconsin Congressman, who already holds one of the top leadership roles in America as ‘Mr Speaker’, has recently completed a mammoth volte-face regarding his opinion on the lower classes in America, having previously described poor people as ‘takers’. It’s almost as if he’s running for something…

You can have 80/1 on Ryan succeeding Barack Obama and becoming 45th President of the United States in January. The crazier this election cycle gets, the bigger that price looks.

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Iain Houten

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