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Leicester City: The blockbuster movie coming to a cinema near you!

| 03.05.2016

It’s only a matter of time – and there’s already a Jamie Vardy biopic in the pipeline – before Leicester City’s incredible Premier League campaign of 2016-17 becomes the greatest underdog story ever to hit the silver screen.

The world premiere would be in Leicester Square, obviously, with Kasabian producing the title-music.

But who will get the star roles? We’ve scratched our heads and had a little think.

Now we aren’t going to go through the entire squad, but here’s who we reckon might feature in the all-star Leicester City: The Movie…

Let’s start with the gaffer…

Robert De Niro is… Claudio Ranieri


We’re not talking Taxi Driver Robert De Niro or Raging Bull De Niro, we’re talking latter-day De Niro, the comedy star.

An optimistic, parental figure, Bob – can we call him Bob? – could perfectly embody Ranieri’s wonderfully warm and affable persona.

Chris Hemsworth is… Kasper Schmeichel

Kasper Schmeichel is blond, with blue eyes, and is 6ft 1in.

Chris Hemsworth is blond, with blue eyes, and is 6ft 2in.

Great news Chris, the part is yours!

Dolph Lundgren is… Robert Huth



Had Robert Huth been 20 years older, we fancy he could have played Rocky Balboa’s nemesis. This one picks itself. If only because they have the same-shaped head.

Tom Hardy is… Jamie Vardy

The poster boy of the squad, who like many, endured plenty of obstacles on the path to glory.

As English as they come, we didn’t think Eddie Redmayne quite suited, so Tom Hardy gets the gig, though he needs to slightly alter his body shape. And by slightly, we mean completely.

John Boyata is… N’Golo Kante

Leicester’s workhorse.

We’re going with John Boyata here, a man who also knows what it’s like to have global fame quickly thrust upon him.

Tom Hiddleston is… Danny Drinkwater


Under-stated, with the slick-back hair, Tom Hiddleston would morph effortlessly into the role of one of Leicester’s unsung heroes.

Ryan Reynolds is… Riyad Mahrez

The star of the show. Whoever plays Riyad Mahrez is almost guaranteed an Oscar.

They say he didn’t know how to take a throw-in properly just six years ago, and now he’s a Premier League winner.

Step forward Ryan Reynolds.

Idris Elba is… Wes Morgan


Leicester’s skipper is set to enter the Oxford Dictionary later this year under the word ‘Rock’ and that’s something we reckon Idris Elba could replicate rather well.

All Odds and Markets are correct as of the date of publishing.



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