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Twenty six years at Old Trafford: Ferguson fan zone special

| 23.11.2012

Sir Alex Ferguson’s achievements as Manchester United manager have this week been recognised in the form of a statue that has been formally unveiled at Old Trafford.

The 70-year-old has enjoyed nearly three decades in charge of the club and has etched his name into the history books after winning over 20 major trophies.

From the Premier League to the European Cup, Ferguson has guided United to success after success.

To mark Ferguson’s 26-year tenure in charge of the Red Devils, we have blogged about his five best buys and 26 memorable quotes  – and we asked for your views on the Scotsman.

In our latest fan zone feature, we posted three questions on the Ladbrokes Facebook and Twitter accounts and nearly 300 of you took part.

Here we look at a selection of your answers.

Is Sir Alex Ferguson the greatest football manager of all time?

Jason Gollings – No!! Very simple really. A great manager but not the greatest.

James Andrew Toghill – I dont like him but its hard to say no, not many managers have achieved what he has, if any!

Junior Conway – Love him or hate him the man has been successful for a great number of years, as well as serving a club for the whole majority of my lifetime… so yes i would say hes the most succesful manager of alltime

James Coll – No. jock stein was way ahead of him.

John Molyneux – Right up there undoubtedly, but difficult to say, so many great managers like Brian Clough, Herbert Chapman, Jock Stein, and a couple of managers at that shower over the park (shankly/Paisley)

Pete Dyer – Stein. Won the european cup with a team of local bhoys ,all from no further than 15 miles from celtic park. he won every cup and beat every team. Peter Somers Best manager Brian clough done it with English players not millions

Wilma Guthrie Young – Great manager, learned from the great Jock Stein when they were in charge of Scotland, in fact Alex was with him the night Jock died, he is such a successful manager, and I would say the best of our time.

Andy Rollason – Record speaks for itself……shame when they do loose it’s always an excuse. If he was sometimes magnanimous in defeat

Dave Marsh – No chance …Bob paisley is ..The only manager to win 3 European Cups

Kenny Ingham – No ..you can buy players from all over the world now where as in the 60 s & 70s it was a case of using mainly home grown players,also it was a mans game back then not getting penalties when another player breathed on you or just touched you,they played in all weathers not like todays softies and there wasnt 10 minutes extra time or play untill Manchester United score ??? Manchester have been well favoured by Refs and the F.A. as im sure the majority of football fans would agree.

What do you think Sir Alex Ferguson’s greatest achievement at Manchester United has been?

Danny Robertson – Introducing the world of football and science to the concept of Fergie-Time.

Neil Longstaff – Staying in the same job for 26 years when all other managers are failing keep going FERGIE

Kevin Noonan – Beatin bayen munich in 1999 champions league frm 3 nil dwn

Luke Tasker – His time at the club….. and consistently dominating the premier league

Lloyd Williams – 08 English champions, European champions and World Club champions !!!

Martin Balfour – His level of consistancy over such a long period of management at one club. Dedication and loyalty that you dont see these days!

Chris Kearney – Surviving them first 5 years ..the rest is history ..come on fergie. Sorting that creaking defence is his next big challenge

Rob Atkinson – His knighthood and now the statue, for services to the chewing-gum and stopwatch industries.

William Russell – 1-0 v liverpool f.a cup final

Stevey Rogers – Gotta be the treble, Leeds fan here he is the best British manager of all time

Seoirse O Longain – Overtaking liverpool as the most succesful english team domestically when united hadnt won the league for 20years. Treble in 1999, signings of solskjaer n schmeichel for relatively little money and continuously bringing through new young talent

Marvin McVicker – The fact that he was capable to stay at the club for so many amazing years !!! An achievement in itself

Who will replace Sir Alex when he steps aside at #MUFC?

@Leannewilliams1 – You can’t imagine life without SAF whoever you support

@Addy93 – Jose mourinho, no question!

@lewj07 – Jose Mourinho!

@LukeJelly – david moyes

@BenSettle1 – The one, the only, hero himself, Jose



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