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Can Garth Bale be MVP if he does a voluntary simulation plunge?

| 01.05.2013

So, Garth Bale unified the EPL MVP award and the EPL MVP Junior award at the EPL soccer awards, after what can only be described as a real nice soccer season for him at the Whitespurs. If that wasn’t enough, he also made a place in the EPL Allstars team, too.

Although many soccer fans in England might think that Bale has been the best at doing soccer in the EPL this year, it’s fair to say that some guys do not.  The best example of this is Coach Ray Hodgkins, who has resistified the temptation to call up Garth Bale for the England Soccer Club.

Earlier in the EPL season, there were times when Garth Bale hit the soccer court without body contact from opponents, making them real mad.

In an EPL tie at Full Ham’s Soccer Cottage, Bale was seen to make a sneaky voluntary simulation plunge.  It raises the question:  Can you be a genuine MVP if you do a VSP?

It’s undeniafiable that Bale has scored some real nice goalshots this year, but I gotta say that I agree with Coach Hodgkins on this one.  Sure, Bale has added the goalshots to his soccer this year, but there’s a reason for that.  To realize what this is, you need to look back at the changes that Coach Peter Andre Villas Boas has introduced to the franchise.

On the last day of the summer Franchise Enhancement Window, PAVB pulled off a signing that shook the soccer world as USA forward Clint Dempsey became a Whitespur.

Although never given the credit for it in the EPL, his impact has been humongous and has clearly pushed Garth Bale on to the next soccer level.

The moment that perhaps represents how unrespected Clint has been in the EPL was in the tie against the City at Whitespurs Lane a couple of weeks back.

Losing the tie by a goal, Garth Bale kicked a low altitude cross pass across the danger box zone.  It was a real bad cross pass, and everyone got mad about it.

Then, from nowhere, Clint Dempsey ran real quick and got to the soccerball and kicked it with his foot in to the soccer goal interior!  It was truly one of the great individual goalshots the EPL has ever seen, yet all the soccer fans and soccer commentatorizors were more interested in the cross pass from Garth Bale.

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