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Is real country Qatar soccer crazy enough for the World Soccer Cup?

| 10.11.2013

Thanks to the success of the USA World Soccer Cup in 1994, the sport of soccer is played right around planet Earth. 

From big rich countries right the way through to real small countries where people are so poor they don’t even have a bathroom to go pee in, people are hooked on soccer like the English are hooked on flat caps and ferrets.

Since the new millennium started in approximately 2000, people have continued to go crazy for World Soccer Cups, but as the greatest show on Earth approaches once more, there are questions about its future.

The next two World Soccer Cups are being held in Russia and a place called Qatar, respectfully.

The decision to award Qatar (an actual real country) the tournament left a whole bunch of people with raised eyebrows.

As the well-respected World Soccer President Seth Blatter said when Qatar were awarded the tournament, it’s pretty neat that the tournament is going someplace new.

That is undeniafiable, but there’s a bunch of reasons why the soccer world should not be dancing to the tune of the Qatar.

First up, look at the country.  It’s a scientific fact that Qatar is smaller than 49 US states and has been made right on top of a desert.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember any soccer matches being played in the Mojave in 1994?

Previous World Soccer Cup hosts also seem to have been picked for either being real great at the sport (Brazil, Spain, USA, Germany, Italy, Argentina) or, if they were pretty bad at it, being able to show that the people that lived there were soccer crazy.

Anybody here think that Qatar ticks any of those boxes?

These reasons aside, there have also been some pretty harsh allegations that Qatar bought the tournament, although the alligators have never backed their words up with any evidence.

It’s pretty much unknown why exactly it was seen to be a good idea to award this small, desert covered, lacking in soccer talent and interest, oil rich country the World Soccer Cup.

They showed in the bidding phase that they could put together a pretty slick presentation to drum up some support. To be fair, it’s probably real crude to suggest that they can’t do a good job.

With the decision already made, let’s hope there’s soccer excitement by the barrel load in 2022.



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